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Science Olympiad

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WCCA's Science Olympiad Team 2015

2015 Science Olympiad Team
2015 Science Olympiad Team

Ever wanted to build a ball launcher?  Design a bridge?  Power an egg-carrying vehicle that stops just short of "splat"?  Dabble with beakers and chemicals?  Learn about fossils?  or insects?  or distant stars? or forensics?  Go to to find out about Science Olympiad - a nationwide science competition with events for every interest.  Learn what you are interested in learning - hands on and outside the classroom.  WCCA is fielding its fourth team this year.  Open to high schoolers from 9th to 12th grades.  Check out the National Science Olympiad website .   Listen for announcement of the first WCCA team meeting - early in September!

How to get on the team:

  1. Attend all team meetings.
  2. Commit to being a team player.
  3. Participate in fundraising efforts.  The WCCA Science Olympiad team has two Coca Cola sales each year to raise funds for study resources and supplies, to cover hotel and travel expenses for competition and to cover the cost of our artfully designed team t-shirts. 
  4. Be willing to work.  Team members spend  time preparing for the competition - each event team becomes  expert in their area of competition - guidelines are available for resources and ideas for preparation.  You will be studying with your teammates and (gasp!) on your own.   Meeting space and lab time will be made available to any team needing them.  Field trips are encouraged and Ms. Pamela will be glad to brainstorm with teams to find the best way (and best people to help) each team master its events.
  5. Be ready for an overnight trip next spring to Hattiesburg to compete with hundreds of other students to bring home those big, heavy, shiny trophies and medals after celebrating the day with a team victory feast!


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