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Jr. Sr. Trip

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Jim and Jenny Chaffin

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Wilkinson County Christian Academy


2420 Hwy 61 South

Woodville, MS 39669

601 888 4313


September 12, 2012

Parents of Jr’s and Sr’s

We have another wonderful trip being planned this year for the Jr’s and Sr’s at Wilkinson County Christian Academy. Combining a lot of education with some fun and games is always our objective. We will be traveling on Amtrak, this time leaving out of Hattiesburg MS, the exact date has not yet been formalized. We travel to New York City with hopes to take the kids to see the Statue of Liberty, Ground Zero, China Town, Rockefeller Center, Brooklyn Bridge, a Broadway play and much more while there for two and a half days. We will travel by bus to Philadelphia to see the Liberty Bell and Liberty Square before moving on to Washington DC. In Washington we have plans to tour the Whitehouse, the Capital, the Pentagon, many of the monuments and many of the Smithsonian’s. After two long days in Washington we catch the train returning to Hattiesburg and then Woodville.

Having done these trips with the kids for 12 years now I find each one as exciting as the first, as you watch the students eyes open as he or she sees other parts of our great country. If you have questions about the trip please either contact Jim or Jenny Chaffin or call the school office.

We would love to see every child have the opportunity to go.

Jim and Jenny Chaffin

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