Who’s Who Ceremony

On March 28, 2018 WCCA held their annual Who’s Who ceremony.
Mr. and Miss Elementary. Ava Randall and Jackson Orgeron.
4th grade class favorites are Morgan Bishop and Dax Doyle.
5th grade class favorites are Kylie Bolden and Cole Partridge.
6th grade class favorites Cheylin Bolden and Jayden Allen.
7th grade class favorites are Ada Ashley and Gary Veals.
8th grade class favorites are Cassidy Williams and Peyton olive.
9th grade class favorites are Kayli Bonnette and R.J. Fisher
10th grade class favorites are Maggie Cavin and Brady Smith.
11th grade class favorites are Haley Grace Williams and Will Olive
12th grade class favorites are JiNecia Lanus and Dylan Haney
Most School Spirited students are Anna Claire Ryan and Cullin Hendry.
Most Athletic students are Bailey Devers and D’Mario Weathersby.
Most Courteous are Brianna Dickey and D’Mario Weathersby.
Wittiest students are JiNecia Lanus and Walt Windsor.
Friendliest students are Alexis June and D’Mario Weathersby.
Most Versatile-Anna Claire Ryan and Tal Redhead
Cutest is Sarah Robinson and Cullin Hendry.
High school clowns are JiNecia Lanus and Cody Wilson.
Most Mischievous-Caroline Ford and Walt Windsor
Most Like to Be Famous-JiNecia Lanus and Kaleb Crum
Most Likely to Succeed-Sandee Barnett and Hunter Burgess.
Most Intellectual-Brianna Dickey and Hunter Burgess
Friendliest Freshman are Savana Ashley and Lon Sturgeon.
Silliest sophomores are Alexis June and Hunter Gaines.
Jolliest Juniors are Brooke Whitaker and Will Olive.
Sensible Seniors are Sandee Barnett and Hunter Burgess.
Haley Grace Williams
Bailey Devers
Anna Claire Ryan
Tal Redhead
Will Olive
Hunter Burgess
Most Beautiful is Sarah Robinson.
Most Handsome is Cullin Hendry.
Miss WCCA is Sarah Robinson.
Mr. WCCA is Cullin Hendry.

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