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Tuesday, August 03, 2010
Get instant alerts on your email and cell phone

This year WCCA will be able to alert parents and students immediately by email and text regarding weather emergencies or other important alerts that affect the school and your child. You MUST first register!

Steps to Register:

1. Click the NOTIFY ME button in the top left corner of the WCCA home page to register.

2. Complete the section to register your email address to receive email alerts (you MUST have an email account to register)

3. Complete the section to register your cell phone to receive text alerts. (Cell phone registration is OPTIONAL, but we recommend it unless you have capability to receive emails on your cell phone. You may need to subscribe to texting on your cell phone service to receive the text alerts)

4. Submit your registration form. (leave this page open while you check your email for confirmation)

5. You will receive an confirmation email. Follow instructions to verify your email & complete your email registration.

6. IF you registered your cell phone, you will also receive a confirmation text with a FOUR DIGIT VERIFICATION CODE. Enter that code on the registration page and click VERIFY to complete your cell phone registration. The status will change to VERIFIED after you enter the code.

For assistance or to report problems, please contact Donna Ball 601.624.9668 or Raven Lewis 601.807.6066.

WCCA will strive to use this feature ONLY for emergency alerts that affect the whole school such as weather alerts, health alerts, game cancellations and important notices!

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