As an independent school, Wilkinson County Christian Academy differs from others in our ability to develop students in the ways that align to our mission statement. Certificates of accreditation provided reassurance of the school’s accountability and service as a catalyst for continuous improvement. While participation is voluntary, it guarantees WCCA provides quality education comparable on both state and national levels.

Mississippi Department of Education

The State Board of Education has the primary responsibility of administering the state’s performance-based accreditation for public schools. This consists of a formal audit that ensures WCCA meets the Mississippi Public School Accountability Standards.

The Mississippi Association of Independent Schools (MAIS)

This serves as a high mark of distinction within the Mid-South. This accreditation process carefully reviews the school’s capacity to serve the needs of students and the community according to its’ unique mission. MAIS accreditation benefits schools by blending external quality assurances with internal adherence metrics of the mission and future vision.

AdvancedEd (SACS)

The mission of AdvancedEd is to assure the educational quality and improve the effectiveness of its member’s institutions. The six core values assessed include: Integrity, Continuous Quality Improvement, Peer Review/Self-regulation, Accountability, Student Learning and Transparency.

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