The Mississippi STEM Academy at WCCA has been awarded charter recognition by Enabling The Future- a global network of volunteers using 3D printing to give a helping hand. The e-NABLE organization began with one random act of kindness for one and has blossomed into a movement that is now involving and helping thousands. This makes the first establishment community charter in the state of Mississippi to reproduce their prosthetic hand design for underserved populations. Its network of volunteers use their own 3D printers, design skills, and time to create free 3D printed prosthetic hands for those in need.

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Though this partnership, people who are missing their fingers or arms below the elbow can benefit from these 3D printed hands. The hands open and close using the flexing of the wrist or elbow to create the tension to pull the fingers closed. They are especially  helpful for children who do not normally have the option of traditional prosthetic device either due to cost, time or the uniqueness of the limb difference.

The goal of Mississippi STEM Academy at WCCA is to teach students how to learn and use their design, engineering skills to make a difference for someone else. The students are currently in the process of competing six additional prosthetic prototypes through internet-based computer design and four 3D printers. Ray Holt, founder of Mississippi STEM Academy at WCCA, has plans to extend their partnerships to Mississippi industries, Universities and Medical centers to create positive change throughout the community.

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